Light Art Show

1. Introduction to the program
        The interactive art landscape is an art produced with the advancement of science and technology and the renewal of artistic concepts. It gives visitors a new feeling in both expressions and interactions with the audience, and also gives them artistic features. A new enlightenment. By expressing a specific subject and adopting a special form to resonate with people, an invisible communication with people is formed. The variability of interactive landscapes, including mechanical operability, and long-term or short-term changing landscapes built using other elements of the site, create an inclusive environment that motivates people to move from passive viewing to active participation in addition to viewing. thinking.
2. Artistic connotation
       Interactive landscape art is an art combining material function and aesthetic function. It is a feature that many traditional art forms do not have. The interactive landscape art boldly advances and extends the historical connotation of art. It breaks the boundaries between art and science and truly integrates them into one.
3. Technology application
        The interactive landscape art expression is by no means materialistic. It has an open means of creation: multimedia art, digital, film, optoelectronics, drama, poetry, architecture, etc., all of which can be the means and methods of full-time artistic creation. When these advanced technical means appear in the landscape design with the installation art as the carrier, it undoubtedly adds a splendid color to the venue, which promotes the spatial perception of people's visual, auditory, taste, and tactile aspects.
4. Domain integration
        Interactive landscape art is a comprehensive art. It has many fields of design. It is the art form that combines the most professional fields in the history of art development. It includes communication, aesthetics, informatics, psychology, biology, and mathematics. Language programs, animations, graphic images, and even music in computers are also involved. The development of the times, the advancement of science and technology, the growth of digital art, and the need of people's lives have created the development of interactive installation art. The multi-disciplinary integration is the inevitable development of art, and the interactive art of landscape takes the opportunity to go to the historical stage naturally.