Architectural Media

1. Introduction to the program
         The high-rise buildings in the city are very good outdoor advertising vehicles. Through the various technical means such as LED and projection, the building becomes a three-dimensional photoelectric advertising carrier. This technology is called “building media” technology. It has become popular at home and abroad. Urban buildings, in which the glass curtain wall structure accounts for the majority, how to turn these glass curtain wall buildings into "construction media" and exert commercial value is a hot technical topic at present.
2. Technical problems
(1) Avoid damage to the appearance and structure of the glass curtain wall;
(2) maintaining the permeability of the glass curtain wall;
(3) Let the construction media achieve the strongest performance.

3. Solution
(1) LED pixel light, guardrail tube
      The most common technical means are used in the building lighting. The products are usually installed on the outline of the building or the joints of the glass curtain wall unit. This method is low in cost, easy to install and simple to control, but the performance is very limited, even if the whole building will be completed. The façade is full and can only display simple patterns and textual information, which does not achieve the desired performance.
(2) box type LED display
      Installed on the exterior of the building, it has a fairly clear display. However, the structure has a large weight (30~70kg/m2), and has high bearing capacity requirements for the screen steel structure and the original building structure. It requires a large-scale steel frame structure during construction, which takes time and effort and produces the appearance and appearance of the building. Certainly affected. Moreover, the screen is opaque. After the project is installed, it will not light up during the day. The black and black piece will affect the appearance of the building, block the sunlight and the line of sight, and affect the indoor lighting.
 (3) Grid type LED display
       It has a certain permeability, which can ensure the transparency of the glass curtain wall by about 40%. It can be installed in a large area, but the pixels are low, the pixel spacing is generally above 20mm, and the screen can not achieve a clear display effect. At the same time, the requirements for construction and maintenance are relatively high, and the cost is high. The design of the building requires consideration of screen load bearing and installation and maintenance issues.
(4) Projection
   The wall projection screen has a large area, a novel form, and a strong sense of science and technology. The display method has strong scarcity in a certain city or a certain area, and can attract a large audience of all ages and income groups to stop watching. The high popularity of the time can be maintained, and the propaganda theme of the customer can be spread shockably. Can also be combined with cool lasers, the display of the picture is very large; in order to better express the theme, the exterior wall projection of the building is generally creative and dynamic.
(5) Transparent LED exterior wall screen
      An LED transparent screen technology, 60%~90% permeability, panel thickness of about 10mm, LED panel can be installed behind the glass, the unit size can be customized according to the glass size, and the glass curtain wall has little influence on the lighting perspective. Easy to install and maintain, it is very suitable for applications in the field of "construction media".