Product Development

Strategic R&D Center
         The company actively responds to the national energy conservation and environmental protection and digital cultural creative product development trends and market demand, and conducts in-depth technical research and development on key technologies such as product system control, system integration, energy conservation and consumption reduction, and supports urban light art creation and vision for product functional requirements. The performance provided technical support and achieved the gradual optimization and upgrading of the industrial structure. At present, the company has obtained more than 200 intellectual property achievements in multifunctional intelligent street lamps, ecological wisdom landscape lights, urban holographic images, digital collection LED lights, intelligent LED electronic display and intelligent integrated control technology for urban lighting systems.
       The annual R&D expenditure of the company in product research and development is maintained at more than 5% of the total sales revenue. From the technical pre-research, product development, and customer needs, the Hengxing Strategic R&D Center has concentrated on outstanding talents in electronics, optics, structure, art design, testing, projects, and crafts. Engineers have rich experience in the industry, and have formed a scientific and sound R&D operation system in R&D management, forming an efficient operation management platform.