Technical Support

You may have missed Ford in the popularity of the car, Alibaba in the Internet wave, and WeChat in the mobile internet trend, but you may not want to miss the stars in the era of smart lighting. For more than ten years, Hengmingsheng has been focusing on lighting product development, intelligent lighting system development and urban lighting planning and lighting engineering to provide customers with products, services and solutions. Today, Hengxing invites you to work together for professional lighting engineering and green. Urban lighting adds wisdom to the customer, bringing customers an efficient, energy-saving and enjoyable life experience.
Here you will meet a group of interesting people. Among them are passionate idealistic entrepreneurs, from the electrical engineer all the way to the company's CTO technology bulls, have led the marketing team to constantly refresh the performance and versatile beauty, but also a lot of dreams of elites and Young talent!
Here, you will have an opportunity to make the most of your talents. The current market is crowded with competitions and flowers. Some areas need clear planning, flexible response and pragmatic execution. This is a challenge and an opportunity. It is also the dream stage for every elite!
Join the stars,
Catch up with the next wave of technology upgrades;
Working with a group of passionate idealistic doers;
Play on the corporate stage and stand on the sidelines;
Get a competitive salary and get the balance between work and life!
Please send your resume to: to highlight your talents and experience, let us know at a glance
Although we don't have vacancies for the time being, we prefer to plan ahead, so we will create a file for your resume. During the 6-month period, you will be given priority in the first place when there are corresponding vacancies.
If you want to know more about Hengxing, you can browse the "About Us" on this site, check "Professional Certification", "Important Recognition", and read our "Project Appreciation" and "Product Solutions" columns.