Hymsy Group- is a comprehensive enterprise of intelligent travel industry integrating wisdom city planning and integration, urban digital culture planning and implementation, intelligent sound and light system integration, environmental digital audio-visual integration, and research and development of services and services. Hong Kong Hengxing Industrial Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Hengxing Lighting Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Hengxing International Film and Television Culture Co., Ltd., is now the National Cultural Industry Demonstration Base, National High-tech Enterprise, International BRIC Summit Key Service Provider, International SCO Summit Service providers, national one-on-one strategic service providers, China AAA credit demonstration units, national contract-honoring and credit-respecting enterprises, Guangdong cultural and technological integration key demonstration enterprises, and executive directors of Shenzhen Entrepreneur Association, with the highest qualification in the industry: special lighting engineering design Grade A qualifications and urban and road lighting engineering professional contracting qualifications continue to provide technical and product support in the development of national cultural industries, contributing to the development and prosperity of the national digital cultural industry.  
 “Lighting the light with the heart, creating value with efficiency!" is the eternal pursuit of the stars! 
  • 深圳市恒明星照明有限公司

         Shenzhen Hengxing Lighting Co., Ltd. was established in 2008 with a registered capital of 110 million yuan. The optical art digital audio-visual intelligent operator focuses on the development and exploration of urban light art culture. It is a smart city planning and construction, environmental digital visual integration. , an integrator of urban lighting design and construction services. Has the industry's top double-level qualification: lighting engineering design special grade A qualification and urban and road lighting engineering professional contractor qualification and electronic and intelligent professional contracting qualification, architectural decoration engineering professional contracting qualification, national high-tech enterprise certification, with industry wisdom Urban architects, urban lighting planners, senior structural architects, professional project management and other teams.

  • 香港恒明星照明实业有限公司

         Hong Kong Hengxing is specialized in the export of LED lamps and sound and optoelectronic products, international performing lighting/audio/system integration, LED large-screen display system solutions, professional stage machinery/curtain system integration, multimedia conference system integration, computer network system integration, The system integration service provider of weak motor room system integration, architectural acoustic decoration system integration design, installation and technical service has gained good reputation with strong technical strength, high-quality professional talent team and high-quality and efficient service in Southeast Asia and Middle East market. Established a good corporate image.

  • 深圳恒明星国际影视文化有限公司

         Shenzhen Hengxing International Film & Television Culture Co., Ltd. is committed to film and television culture and builds industry brands. With years of technical practice and market experience, it has a complete film and television production base, a strong creative and production team, and many senior directors and training staff in the film and television industry. Professional shooting team. Planning and filming corporate image films, film and television commercials for various large enterprises and institutions, multi-camera video switching recording and simultaneous live broadcast of several large-scale events; always insisting on respecting customers and understanding the customer service spirit. Our planners and designers have many years of experience. They are not only from the IT industry, but also from the industries of film and television animation, creative advertising, etc. They have obvious advantages in aesthetic concepts and creative ideas, through creative advertising and corporate topics. The same level of design art and creative advertising.